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Accommodation rules

1. General provisions

1.1. Present document has been prepared in according with the Rules for hotel services in Russian Federation, ratified by the government of the Russian Federation on 24.04.1997 №490 and in according to the RF law “Concerning the protection of Consumers’ Rights”.

1.2. Hotel is designed for temporary stay of the customers and providing concurrent services to them.

1.3.There are 13 rooms in the hotel, starting from Standard, up to Executive Suite, designed for accommodation of maximum 3 people (additional bed according to the hotel rates provided to the 3rd customer). Rooms are equipped with electronics, furniture, bedclothes, personal care items and etc.

2. Hotel booking

Booking is available on our website


By phone:

+7 (496) 63-006-20 (corded phone)

+7 (496) 63-006-20m(corded phone)

+7 (915) 301-68-52 (mobile)

Customers can pay both in advance (guaranteed booking – art.2.4), of without prepayment (non-guaranteed booking – art. 2.1).

2.1. Non-guaranteed booking is booking when the customer pays for the services during check-in. In case of non-guaranteed booking Hotel confirms booking without any financial guarantees from the customer. Confirmation contains booking reference, dates and accommodation terms, cost of the booking.

2.2.Non-guaranteed booking will be preserved for the customer till 3:00 P.M. on the arrival date. In case the customer doesn’t arrive till 3:00 P.M., it will be cancelled. After that moment Hotel doesn’t bear any responsibilities and the Customer accommodation will be done under general conditions.

2.3.There are no financial obligations between the Hotel and the Customer in case of non-guaranteed booking.

2.4.Guaranteed booking is booking, when between the Hotel and the Customer arise statutory obligations. Booking is guaranteed by prepayment, at least, for the first day of the visit. Payment is done upon the receipt of the booking by the Hotel.

2.5. Guaranteed booking will be preserved for the Customer for the first day (till check out time at 12:00 P.M. of the next day). In case of non-arrival or late (untimely) cancellation of the booking, the Hotel returns to the Customer prepayment excluding the rate for the first day, according to the booking terms of the Hotel.

2.6.Prepayment is done via bank transfer or credit card, or any other way by cash or cashless transfer. Payment is considered to be done if the Hotel receives money no later than 1 day before the arrival of the Customers. In case the Customer doesn’t transfer the prepayment amount in time, the booking will be annulled.

3. Accommodation and services provision terms

3.1. Our hotel is open 24/7.

3.2. You will need your passport (for Russian Federation citizens), birth certificate for children under 14, military registration card for citizen on involuntary service, temporary residence permit for people without citizenship, national passport, visa or residence permit for foreigners (except Republic of Belarus).

3.3. Check-out time 12:00 P.M. Moscow time. Check-in time after 2:00 P.M.

3.4. Early check-in fee is 50% of the daily room rate if you arrive from 12:00 A.M. to 6:00 A.M., 25% of the daily room rate if you arrive from 6:00 A.M. to 10:00 A.M. Check-in after 10:00 A.M. if there are available rooms is free of additional charge.

3.5. Late check-out fee is 50% of the daily room rate if check-out till 6:00 P.M. and 100% if after 6:00 P.M. Late check-out is available if there are free rooms of requested category.

3.6. Prolongation after check-out time is possible if there are available rooms.

3.7. If the Customer is absent for more than two hours (after check-out time) without paying for the room or in case of detection of the left luggage, hotel management forms a board, makes a list of the left luggage. Left luggage then will be placed in cloak-room.

3.8. For safety of the Customers there is an access mode in the Hotel, access to the living area is controlled via guest cards.

3.9. Hotel provides Customers with the key for their room during check-in process.

3.10. If the Customer discovers that any of his/her personal belongings are missing or if the Customer lost the key to the room, they must immediately inform the administrator or security of the Hotel about that fact  in order to take necessary actions to find missing objects.

3.11. Room change can be done if agreed with the Customer.

3.12. In case of the second Customer arrival, his/her check-in in a double room can be made only in the presence of his/her roommate or with his/her written agreement.

3.13. Customers violating public order will not be allowed in the Hotel.

3.14. Free services provided for the Customers:

4. Payment for the accommodation and services

4.1. Payment can be done both by cash and cashless means, as well as by credit card in rubbles (Visa and MasterCard, acquiring partner OJSC “Sberbank Rossii”).

4.2. Hotel works at prepayment terms only.

4.3. In case of accommodation for less than 24 hours, complete daily rate for the room will be charged.

4.4. Room rates are fixed by the Hotel director in the price list.

4.5. If the Hotel is unable to provide the Customer with the room under the terms of guaranteed booking, the Hotel must provide a room of a higher category instead.


5. Accommodation rules

5.1. According to the fire safety rules, it is prohibited:

5.1.1. To use inappropriate (not provided by the Hotel) electric heaters, as well as extension cords, adaptors, etc.

5.1.2. Keep and bring into the rooms inflammable and prone to fire materials, extremely poisonous substances, lumber. Oversized luggage (if sum  of   all dimensions is more than 150 cm) shall be kept in cloakroom in the Hotel. Cloakroom services are available for the Hotel guests only.

5.1.3. Leave the electronic appliances turned on when leaving the room.

5.1.4. Smoke in the Hotel.

5.1.5. Cover floor lamps and wall lamps that are turned on.

5.2. In order to provide order and safety for the Customers it is prohibited:

5.2.1. Enter the living floors without guest card.

5.2.2. Handover the keys to third person.

5.2.3. Leave any third person in the room in the Customer’s absence.

5.2.4. Invite any third person from 11:00 P.M. to 6:00 A.M. It is allowed only in case of their official registration and standard rate payment.

5.2.5. Shatter the calm of the guests after 11:00 P.M.

5.2.6. Disobey sanitary norms and requirements in the room.

5.2.7. Throw garbage out of the Hotel window.

5.2.8. Take out bedclothes, towels and furniture out of the room.

5.3. The Customers must treat the furniture and equipment with care, obey sanitary norms and public order.

5.4. The Hotel is entitled to dissolve the contract in case of multiple violation of Hotel rules by the Customer. In that case the Customer must pay for the services already provided.


6. Accommodation with pets

6.1. Pets are not allowed in the Hotel.


7. Customers rights and responsibilities

7.1. When finding deficiencies in the services provided the Customer is entitled to require: free corrective measures, equivalent services replacement, relevant price reduction.

7.2. The Customers are entitled to dissolve the contract at any time, in this case they must reimburse all the expenses to the Hotel.

7.3. In case of loss or damage to the Hotel property, the Customers must reimburse the inflicted damage according to the Russian Federation regulation.

7.4. The Customers of the Hotel must obey the present Accommodation rules.


8. Hotel administration rights and responsibilities

8.1. Everyday cleaning services, and bedclothes change once in 3 days is provided.

8.2. The Hotel must rectify any issues detected.

8.3. The Hotel according to the RF regulations bears responsibility for the damage inflicted to life, body or health, or property of the Customers due to insufficiency of the provided services, as well as for the psychological damage, inflicted to the Customer due to the insufficiency of the provided services.

8.4. The Hotel does not bear any responsibility for the money and valuables, that have not been placed into cloakroom. It is strongly recommended to keep money and valuables in the room safe. Hotel administrator is not entitled to keep money and valuables of the Customers.

8.5. In case of detection any personal belongings, left behind, Hotel staff must notify the owner. Those belongings shall be register in the special book and kept in the cloakroom.

8.6. Guestbook can be found at the reception and shall be presented to the Customers at their request.

8.7. Any complaints from the Customers in written form shall be considered by the Hotel during one month after they were filed.

8.8. In case of the violation of the present rules by the Hotel, Customers are entitled to be protected according to the Russian Federation Consumer Right Protection Law.


9. Other terms

9.1. During accommodation in the Hotel, the Customer will be provided with all the documents according to the RF regulations, the bill for the services according to the form № 3-Г (confirmed by the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation on December 13, 1993 N 121), will be certified by the signature of an official and Hotel seal.

9.2. In case if the Customer stays in the Hotel on a business trip and has an mission order, Hotel official can fill it in (dates of check-in and check-out, verified by the signature of the official) at the Customer’s request.


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